Just a few days ago, Samsung revealed its new tablet called Galaxy 8.0. With 8 inches in screen size, the tablet is set to compete with iPad Mini, which has 7.87 inches. However, if we were to believe the rumors, the ultimate competitor of the brand-new Galaxy 8.0 isn’t the Mini but its descendant, aptly called Apple iPad Mini 2.

New Features

Apple has always been known to be a leader in technical mobile innovation, and its wide range of successful products proves it. So it’s not ideal to assume that it’s threatened by the pending release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0. The company is merely doing what is normally does: updating its present merchandise to hopefully something better.

Pundits believe that the iPad Mini 2 is meant to address a feature that is missing in the iPad Mini and that a lot of its fans are clamoring for: the Retina display. It’s a special technology of liquid crystal display wherein images appear more vibrant and sharper as the density of pixels is increased. The human eye becomes less observant to the pixilation of the images. While it’s not found in iPad Mini, it is incorporated in iPad 4, which came before it.

Another feature to watch out for is the processor. The iPad Mini uses A5 dual-core while the newer version will have A6X soC.

Possible Comparisons

It isn’t impossible for the techies to compare iPad Mini 2 to Mini. Both of them will have the same size, but the former may be heavier as it requires additional backlights. It will also be much thicker. iPad Mini2, nevertheless, will never be as bulky as the iPad 4. We’ll also assume that apart from the camera and the processor, other technical specifications will be retained. These include face detection, 5MP iSight camera, 1.2MP photo, Facetime video, and oleophobic coating for the display to make it scratch resistant. When it comes to battery size and power, we expect it to be much bigger and lasts just as long as the iPad Mini. This is important since Retina display does consume a good amount of power.

It won’t be long either before the iPad Mini 2 will come head to head against Samsung’s Galaxy 8.0. With regard to size, a difference of less than half an inch hardly matters to tablet users anymore. The latter comes with a stylus, which is completely lacking in iPad Mini 2. It’s still going to be very dependent on touch. Obviously the Mini 2 will have a better-looking screen, but super LPS isn’t going to disappoint either.

How Much Will It Cost?

According to rumors, the mass-production of the screen display is already ongoing, but it doesn’t really mean everything will be smooth sailing. It can be recalled that AU Optronics had a hard time coming up with LCD screens for the iPad Minis. It’s possible they will encounter a similar issue with Mini 2, which may then increase production cost. When this happens, the price of the iPad Mini 2 will also be as high as Mini, which was sold at around $329. DigiTimes, however, speculates that because of the complexity of the technology, the potential backlogs in production, and the materials used and added into the system, the actual product cost will be more than 25 percent that of the the previous version.

Release Date

So far, Apple has opted to remain mum about the whole iPad Mini 2 thing, which is odd since they normally made announcements during the first three months of the year. However, a lot of photos have leaked online, including the gadget’s supposed rear shell. If they are correct, then the complete production of it is already on the way, and it may be released in the middle of this year but later than the launch of Samsung Galaxy 8.0. Or it could be in the second to the last quarter of 2013, which was also around the same time the two previous iPads, iPad Mini and 4th Generation, debuted.