The release date for the Samsung Galaxy SIV is expected to be in the first quarter of 2013 but tech-savvy individuals and Samsung fanatics still need to wait for official announcement from the company. However, even without the confirmed release date, the speculations about the design aspects and aesthetics can no longer be suppressed, especially over the internet.

With the superb design of the Samsung Galaxy SIII, how else can the company ramp-up the looks of the Samsung Galaxy SIV? Of course, there will always be new ways to reinvent the design of the Galaxy smart phone. The important thing is for Samsung to deliver user convenience while maintaining the affordability of their products.

There are photos of the Samsung Galaxy SIV which have been circulating around the internet and these are claimed to be leaked directly from one of the insiders of Samsung. Of course, the validity of the claim can not be completely accepted. However, if the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy SIV design are to be considered, the said leaked photos may actually be quite accurate.

One of the most talked about speculation regarding the Samsung Galaxy SIV is its much improved bezel and edgier interface. The company made obvious changes which differentiates the SII from the SIII. The corners were made to be much softer and the bezel became thinner. For the Samsung Galaxy SIV, it is expected that the top and bottom bezel would be reduced even more. Hence, the SIV should have more space to accommodate bigger screen and the look would be even more modern.

The much bigger screen for the Samsung SIV is not such a far-fetch idea but the flexible, shatter-proof screen may not materialize. For the past few months, a lot of people have been talking about the possibility of seeing a smart phone display which remains solid and tough. This would most likely not be seen in the Samsung Galaxy SIV. Though unconfirmed, there are claims that Samsung insiders who have seen the prototype did not witness any flexible and unbreakable LCD.

Aside from the reduction of bezel size, there is also news about the removal of the home button. Could this plan of Samsung be totally coincidental with the rumored design aspects for Apple’s iPhone6? If so, then the release date would be very crucial.

The new colors for the Samsung Galaxy SIV are making a lot of people very curious too. Will the company finally satisfy the clamor of their consumers to make the phones available in candy colors? So far, there is news that the new SIV will come out in Marble White, Pebble Blue and Black Sapphire. Yes, these do not make such bold difference from the previous SIII. Yet, since the release has not been made official yet, the possibility of seeing multi-colored Samsung Galaxy SIV models has not died down yet.

With the undeniable success of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, people are also asking whether the new Samsung Galaxy SIV will also have the S-pen. This could be a wonderful addition to the Galaxy S series of Samsung but it has to be considered that doing this might affect their following for the Galaxy Note series. Will Samsung be ready to present that dilemma to their consumers?

Since the Samsung Galaxy SIV is rumored to have 1080p display, 13MP rear camera, 2MP front camera and a monstrous memory, there is no doubt that the company will ensure that the design is fitting for the impressive hardware. With the promising speculations about the Samsung Galaxy SIV, there is no doubt why thousands of people are looking forward to its release in 2013.